photograph by steve nilsson, los angeles



Sorry! No shows currently booked but Lun*na has a great new solo act called Jean Paul Yamamoto, and Sukho sometimes does solo Theremin programs.  Two Sukho shows coming up:

Friday August 25 Los Angeles
at the Schindler House
835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood 90069  $18 adv / $25 door, 7:30pm
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Louis and Bebe Barron's otherworldly soundtrack to the film, Forbidden Planet with four composers: Thomas Dimuzio, Tom Grimley, Sukho Lee, and David Rothbaum.  Click Here for full details.

Thursday August 31 Los Angeles
Knitting Factory Hollywood
7021 Hollywood Blvd. LA, CA 90028  323.463.0204
7:30pm EARLY SHOW / $8 / All Ages

8:30pm Sukho of Seksu Roba - solo Theremin set
9:15pm JEAN-JACQUES PERREY with Dana Countryman
Plus - DJ Otis Fodder of The Bran Flakes!

Do NOT miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of electronic music's pioneers - the man who brought us the classic and much re-mixed and sampled "E.V.A.", plus "Flight of the Bumblebee", plus a non-stop list of classics with Gershon Kingsley as Perrey and Kingsley including the theme to Walt Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade. And as if that weren't enough, Perrey, by creating rhythmic tape-loops, basically invented what was to later become sampling as we know it today - which ironically lead to DJ's sampling his records. In Perrey's own words:

"One night [in 1961], in my alchemical laboratoratory of sounds, I invented a new process for generating rhythms utilizing musique concrete sounds such as noises of machines, animal cries, insects buzzing, etc. Once the sound were recorded I would knead them, chop them, run them through filters backward at twice the speed (or half the speed), and in this way they would become practically unidentifiable.

Little by little, I created a "library" of sounds. I would isolate each of those sounds according to various parameters (frequency, attack, envelope, tonality, etc), and then associate these sounds rhythmically-according to well-determined, calculated patterns using repetitve loops and sequences. The result was astonishing. I had discovered an incredible goldmine, until then unexplored."

Some of you may not have heard of this living legend before, so I've included some links to help direct you to some free tastes below. His music ranges from the funky to the fun to the sweet to the sublime. Now, you might hear some well-meaning people use words like "kitsch" and "camp" when describing some of Perrey's music, but I say this is the wrong perspective. Again, in Perrey's own words (which captures my own sentiments with Seksu Roba - which I also think a lot of people
have mistaken for kitsch):

"The human soul has lost its sense of magic; people have lost their sense of humor and everything is now banalized. Instead of "joie de vivre," people feel "mal de vivre." So the future is not what it was, because humanity did not correctly manage its inheritance: Planet Earth. Now everyone is increasingly worried, anxiety-ridden, preoccupied and under pressure-and this generates sadness, intolerance, and violence. This can be felt in contemporary music productions, which always reflect not only the present but also what lies ahead.

This is why I always deliberately introduced humor into my creations: I sincerely think that humor will help save humanity from the swamp into which it is sinking. Today we can't afford to be pessimistic, so let's try to keep a sense of humor bolted onto our hearts, soul, and spirit! Let's shove pessimism aside for better days... when we will be in better shape to handle it!"

If you haven't heard Perrey's work, you're missing out on some of the best music ever made, electronic or acoustically created. I'm not exaggerating. At bare minumum, pick up the CD compilation The Essential Perrey and Kingsley, plus Perrey's solo Moog Indigo - both are available on CD and below are links where you can preview tracks for free.

Jean-Jacques Perrey links:

Dana Countryman:

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past performances:

July 2, 2005   Seattle, WA   Neumo's Crystal Ball and Reading Room
July 1, 2005   San Francisco, CA   The Rickshaw Stop / Club Loaded
June 3, 2005   Tokyo, Japan   Super Deluxe for Club Robopop
May 30, 2005  Tokyo, Japan   Super Deluxe with AO & Venus Fly Trapp
May 28, 2005  Tokyo, Japan   Zher the Zoo with Scooter, Kouku Denshi, Floppy
May 27, 2005  Tokyo, Japan   Aoi Heya - Kenzo Saeki's Techno Elegance w/Elektel, Genius, Matsumae
May 19, 2005  Santa Barbara, CA   Santa Barbara Museum of Art
April 29, 2005  LA, CA   King King with Alan Astor and Captain Ahab
April 2, 2005   Miami, FL   I/O for Pop Life
Mar 12, 2005   Berkeley, CA   Spaz! with IQU and Alan Astor
Mar 11, 2005   SF, CA   Cafe Du Nord with IQU and Citizens Here and Abroad
Mar 10, 2005   LA, CA   King King with IQU and Ed Sussman
Jan 23, 2005   Eugene, OR  John Henry's with Evolution Control Committee, Atriel Flutter
Jan 22, 2005   Seattle, WA  Catwalk Club with Bran Flakes, Evolution Control Committee
Jan 21, 2005   Portland, OR  Holocene with Ursula 1000, Evolution Control Committee, Martinibomb
Oct 25, 2004   Nationwide  How to Monsterize Everything on Discovery Channel
Oct 2, 2004   LA, CA  The Echo with Anubian Lights and Secret Society of the Sonic Six
Sept 18, 2004   LA, CA  The Echo for Hang the DJ's Anniversary Party
Aug 30, 2004   LA, CA  The Echo with THe Proles, Gram Rabbit, and Viva K
Aug 6, 2004   LA, CA  The Echo with RATATAT
July 20, 2004   LA, CA  Cinespace with Golden Arms and Cobra High
July 1, 2004   LA, CA  Spaceland with I AM X
June 17, 2004   LA, CA  LA County Museum of Art for Tarfest
June 4, 2004   LA, CA  The Derby w/Evolution Control Committee, TV Sheriff, Totally Radd!!
May 16, 2004   LA, CA  SASSAS Blast! Fundraiser w/Extended Organ - Sukho Lee solo
May 9, 2004   LA, CA   Bigfoot Lodge w/ Lushy, Project Pimento, Mai Kai Gents
May 7, 2004   Palm Springs, CA   Tiki Oasis w/ Project Pimento, Fishermen
May 4, 2004   LA, CA   Spaceland w/ Venue, From Bubblegum to Sky
April 15, 2004  LA, CA  The Smell w/ The Prids, Addicted to Fiction, and Bad Dudes
March 23, 2004  San Francisco, CA  Cafe Du Nord  w/ The Lovemakers, Post Coital
March 9, 2004  LA, CA  Knitting Factory  w/  Polysics, Vagenius
February 29, 2004  San Francisco, CA  Bottom of the Hill  w/ Tussle, Loose in the Wild
February 25, 2004  LA, CA  Tangier  w/ Bedroom Walls, Timonium, Let's Go Sailing
February 21, 2004  LA, CA  El Cid  w/ Mount Sims
February 11, 2004  LA, CA  Spaceland   w/ Bunnyhug, Cougar, Ashbury
February 8, 2004  Chicago, IL  Empty Bottle  w/ My Favorite
February 7, 2004  Chicago, IL  Chic-A-Go-Go  w/ Ratso and the gang!
February 7, 2004  Chicago, IL  Buddy Gallery  w/ Dougg Pound
February 6, 2004  Detroit MI  Magic Stick  w/ EsQuire
January 31, 2004  San Francisco, CA  111 Minna Gallery  w/ Action Daddy, TV Sheriff, ESP
January 30, 2004  LA, CA  Solutions  w/ Action Daddy, Quazar, My Barbarian
January 26, 2004  Eugene, OR  John Henry's  w/ The Lovemakers
January 25, 2004  Portland, OR  Dante's  w/ IQU, The Lovemakers
January 24, 2004  Seattle, WA  562  w/ IQU, The Dalmations
January 16, 2004  LA, CA  Henry Fonda Theater  w/ IMA Robot, Dance Disaster Movement
January 8, 2004  LA, CA  Silverlake Lounge  w/ The Lovemakers, Shoot Out The Lights

December 20, 2003  Brooklyn, NY Galapagos  w/ Saint Eve, Venue, Honeygun Labs
December 19, 2003  NY, NY Pianos  w/ Saint Eve, Black Moustache, Venue
December 18, 2003  NY, NY Pussycat Lounge  w/ Action Daddy, Genesis P-Orridge
December 13, 2003  LA, CA  The Echo  w/ DJ Me DJ You, Capt. Ahab
December 6, 2003  LA, CA  Mr. T's Bowl  LA Cacophony 5 Minute Film Festival
December 4, 2003  LA, CA  Amoeba Records In Store
November 15, 2003  LA, CA  John Fluevog Store Opening
November 5, 2003  LA, CA  Silverlake Lounge w/ Action Daddy, Saint Eve
October 30, 2003  LA, CA  Zen Sushi w/ My Barbarian, The Movies, New Bethel, Captain Ahab

October 26, 2003  LA, CA  The El Rey opening for Peaches and Electrocute
October 16, 2003  LA, CA  Release Party - The Derby w/ Mount Sims, The Lovemakers

October 1, 2003 LA, CA  The Troubadour opening for TV Eyes

September 29, 2003   LA, CA  The Stone Bar w/ My Barbarian & Ariel Pink
September 28, 2003   LA, CA  Bigfoot Lodge w/Charlie Lester and Project: Pimento
September 24, 2003   LA, CA  Silverlake Lounge w/Dengue Fever

August 27, 2003   LA, CA  Star Shoes - club RADIO w/Stephen Hauptfeur & Mount Sims
August 18, 2003   LA, CA  Spaceland w/ Soviet and Babyland
August 1, 2003   San Francisco, CA  The Odeon Bar w/ Project: Pimento
July 12, 2003   San Francisco, CA  Bottom of the Hill  for Pop Holiday 2003
July 2, 2003   LA, CA   Silverlake Lounge with Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players
June 16, 2003   LA, CA  Spaceland with Cinematic Orchestra
June 14, 2003   LA, CA  Mr. T's Bowl with Quintron and Miss Pussycat
June 13, 2003   LA, CA  The Derby with Irving
March 19, 2003  Austin TX  SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST Showcase
Jan. 30th, 2003  LA, CA   Joseph's  with DJ Me DJ You
Sept. 27th, 2002  LA, CA   Spaceland with Tipsy and Frou Frou
Sept. 19th, 2002  LA, CA   The Echo with Lydia Lunch/Anubian Lights
July 17th, 2002  LA, CA  Spaceland with Aavikko, and Monopause

June 21, 2002  Mexico City  with Fantastic Plastic Machine
May 17, 2002 LA, CA  The Derby with Kid 606 and Crack (we are rock)
February 15, 2002   LA, CA  Mr. T's Bowl
January 22, 2002   LA, CA  Spaceland
December 31, 2001  San Francisco, CA  Obscura
November 16, 2001  LA, CA  Fais Do Do KXLU Fundraiser
October 20, 2001  Italy - Naples

October 19, 2001  Italy - Cagliari
October 18, 2001  Italy - Trieste, Teatro Miela
October 17, 2001  Austria - Wien, B72
October 16, 2001  Germany - Munich, Atomic Cafe
October 15, 2001  Germany - Cologne, MTC
October 13, 2001  Switzerland - Aarau, Kiff
October 12, 2001  Switzerland - Bern, Reitschule
October 11, 2001  Germany - Rottweil, Bahnhof
October 10, 2001  France - Paris, Batofar
October 6, 2001  Germany - Berlin, Roter Salon
October 5, 2001  Germany - Dresden, Parkhotel
October 4, 2001  Germany - Hamburg, Kunstraum
September 14, 2001  Spaceland  LA, CA with Tipsy and DJ Me DJ You
August 11, 2001  Knit.Factory  LA, CA with PEACHES
July 20, 2001    The Troubador  Los Angeles, CA with IQU
May 27, 2001    Mr. T's Bowl  Los Angeles, CA
May 26, 2001    Club Deluxe  San Francisco, CA
May 25, 2001    Plan B  Portland, OR
May 24, 2001    Baltic Room  Seattle, WA
May 17, 2001  Knitting Factory w/DJ Me DJ You  Hollywood, CA

February 20, 2001     Knitting Factory  Hollywood, CA
February 13, 2001     Baked Potato  Hollywood, CA
February 1, 2001     Knitting Factory  Hollywood, CA
December 18, 2000     Opus  Pasadena, CA

December 9, 2000     Spaceland  Los Angeles, CA


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