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Welcome to the Seksu Roba Shop!
We have LIMITED EDITION shirts for sale for a LIMITED TIME ONLY - Sale ends February 28th!  Most of you have not seen these shirts so take a look!  As always, we use quality garments - American Apparel and Lani (ie 100% cotton - soft!).  We're also selling the first self-titled out of print album on LP and CD.  This the only place you can purchase any of this merchandise!

Please email the address above ( seksuroba (at) ) with your order, listing each item with description, size, price, and quantity.  Some items we only have a few left so we want to make sure we have what you want in stock.  We'll calculate postage cost then email you back with the total.  No Tax.  If you only buy one shirt, expect postage to be $3.85 Priority.  All sales are final, but if you have a problem please contact us by email.  And that's not all!  We're including a FREE CD-R!  Featuring SUKHO'S SECRET MYSTERY MP3's!  Throwing a party?  Throw these on for hours of FUNKY GOOD TIMES!

After you confirm your order, please write or print and send with check or money order made out to
Lunna Menoh and mail to:

Sola Design
attn: Lunna Menoh 
209 S. Garey St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Note:  Minimum of $10 per order please!  More is better!

Because it is just two of us doing this, please be patient. We will try to get you your merchandise within 3 weeks from the point we receive your money.  We'll do our best!  Please don't hesitate to email anytime.  If you have specific requests on shipping, like insurance, UPS, Fed Ex, let us know too otherwise we'll just do U.S. Post Office Priority Mail.

Women's Green Shirt (Lani)  Medium/Large Only   $13.00

Women's White Shirt (Lani)  Only 1 Small Left!!   $13.00

Women's Black Shirt (Lani)  Small/Medium/Large   $13.00

Women's Disco Shirt  - 3 Medium & 3 Large left   $13.00

Unisex White Shirt (american apparel) Only 1 Small 1 Medium left!   $13.00

Unisex Orange Shirt (american apparel) Only Small & Medium, no Large   $13.00

Unisex Brown Shirt (american apparel)  Small/Medium/Large   $13.00

Pink Panties (american apparel)  Small/Medium/Large   $5.00

Seksu Roba Self Titled 1st Album (2000, Cripped Dick Hot Wax)
OUT OF PRINT!!! - LP $15.00
OUT OF PRINT!!! - CD $13.00
or $25 for both
Note: LP and CD tracklists slightly different (LP missing 3 tracks)

1. Let's Fly Monster Island
2. Velvet Star
3. Venus Mysterious
4. Space Race
5. Galaxina Fantasy Screw

6. Pulsar Cruiser
7. Cha Cha on the Moon
8. Crystal Garden
9. Theme from Psychoholica

1. Let's Fly Monster Island
2. Velvet Star
3. Venus Mysterious
4. Space Race
5. Zero Gravity Miniskirt
6. Pulsar Cruiser
7. Galaxina Fantasy Screw
8. Cha Cha on the Moon
9. The Fourth Kind
10. Crystal Garden
11. Piss Your Pants
12. Theme from Psychoholica



FREE CD-R featuring
included with every purchase!
This item is not for sale.
This cat is also not for sale.


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