who is seksu roba?

Seksu roba is a Japanese-Korean-American electronic music group
based in Los Angeles. Using theremin, mini-moog, and micro-
processor based technology, they create space groove electro-
love vibrations that expand the mind and libido while massaging
the soul - provocative pop and instrumental music that can be
appreciated by electronic music fans, DJ's, pop music fans,
and anyone who just enjoys fun, eclectic music.

Seksu Roba features Japanese artist/designer/vocalist Lun*na Menoh
and Korean producer/thereminist Sukho Lee, plus guest vocalists.
The two met through Los Angeles' underground electronic scene.
Lun*na's background is in visual arts: fashion design/art, painting,
installations, etc. which she has incorporated into the band through
her unique costume and conceptual art.

Sukho Lee's background is in classical music which helped him
the theremin (a strange instrument that pre-dates the synthesizer
and is played without touching). Sukho's musicianship has allowed him
the opportunity to tour with Damo Suzuki - former lead singer of the
legendary German 60's progressive rock band, CAN.

Together, Lun*na and Sukho put on an arousing live show with Lun*na
on synth, vocals and other surprises, and Sukho on synth and theremin.
Also commonly featured are a dancing robot, Erector (designed by
Victor White), who tends to shock audiences with his large endowment,
and bizarre video projections
. Their stimulating multi-dimensional live
experience has helped earn the group a nomination for

Best Electronic Dance Artist for The
LA Weekly Music Awards 2003 and 2004

Seksu Roba was featured in the 2003 South By Southwest music
showcase in Austin, Texas and has performed with Peaches, Tipsy,
Fantastic Plastic Machine
, Lydia Lunch, as well as label-mates
DJ Me DJ You
and Anubian Lights. They've toured in Europe,
Mexico and around the U.S. west coast. The debut self-titled album
was released in 2000 by German label Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
-best known for re-issuing 60's European sexploitation soundtracks
like "Vampyros Lesbos" - and was well received for its references
to such psychedelic cinema and diversity in sound sampling.

Seksu Roba released their second album, Pleasure Vibrations
on Eenie Meenie Records, and continue to tour and
release new songs and remixes on compilations and singles. Look
out for a new album in the works now!

The future looks lovely and bright,
despite what everyone thinks,
and Seksu Roba wants you to hear
how beautiful and sensual it will sound... today!

seksu roba discography/history:

2004:  split cd single with freed unit (ecstatic records)
2003:  pleasure vibrations (eenie meenie (u.s.) / crippled dick hot wax! (europe))
2003:  par avion global indie club pop compilation - unreleased track to go or not to go (eenie meenie records)
2002   tipsy remix party   - remix of wig out by tipsy (asphodel)
2002   cookbook cd/lp compilation   - unreleased track bossa blanco (eenie meenie)
2001   hey, happy! motion picture soundtrack   - unreleased version of inter-sexual overdrive
  wow, pneumatic! ep   - remix of solar bubbles by the ray makers (crippled dick hot wax!)
2000   seksu roba (crippled dick hot wax!)

look for seksu roba online dusty groove  amazon
photographs by steve nilsson, los angeles

artwork for 1st album by amoreSEKSU ROBA FIRST ALBUM


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